Capsule inspired by my time in Sudan. Reversible shirt is inspired by traditional جلابية (jilabīyah), which are reversible and have pockets on each side. Tracksuits made from Sudanese fabric, used to make traditional garments called على الله (Alallah), a garment meant for mobility and comfort in Sudan as tracksuits are in the United States.

I was creative director of Off The Cuff while at Boston University, a student-run art, fashion and culture magazine. Responsible for direction and production of creative multi-media content. Management of full creative department including models, make-up artists, photographers, videographers and stylists.

Identity and website for Eureka Projects, a commercial film production company. Adaptable branding for potential company divisions.

Cover and book design for Nomad Vol. 2 by Ronnie Feng. The book features illustrations from the author’s childhood friend, Sisi Yu. A seal, featuring a character of the author’s choosing, produced to grace the half-cover.

Exquisite corpse of my face, on a paper folded by four. Drawn by separate friends on separate dates.

Printed on a rolling press using four laser etched acrylic plates. Branding then silkscreened on. Printing continued till each plate was broken, each mistake is shown. Made for Child Clothing.